The Re-Cap

Whether you’ve been following along all year, or you’re just stopping by now, you’ve got to admit that it has been a good year for mystery.  We had an awesome time this year, celebrating anniversaries, re-releasing titles, and creating some great cases.  Let’s do a quick review and wrap up of Her Interactive’s 2010 calendar.

80th Anniversary – This year, Nancy celebrated her 18th birthday for the 80th time.  In commemoration we attended a Nancy Drew Convention and planned a few extra surprises in our releases this year.  Over the course of her history, the fearless super sleuth has busted bad guys and solved mysteries in everything from books to film to games.  We can’t wait to see where she’ll end up next.

Trail of the Twister – We started off the summer with an adventure out on the open plains!  Nancy headed off to Oklahoma to chase tornados and culprits (we’ll let you decide which is more dangerous.)  And let’s not forget the fun leading up to the release with Storm Chaser Pete’s blog and that “oh-so-addicting” Land Rush minigame!

Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED – As a special treat this year we went back and updated our very 1st PC adventure game.  That’s right, Nancy’s first case by Her Interactive was re-mastered with new graphics, new puzzles, and even a new ending!  To help celebrate, we even included over 30 pieces of fan-created artwork, all inspired by the super sleuth herself.  We’re sure Nancy would approve of the make-over.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge – Our latest and possibly scariest title yet, Nancy’s 23rd adventure had you uncovering a paranormal plot of epic proportions.  This case featured some of our most memorable characters yet, not to mention deliciously difficult puzzles, and the spookiest scenes we’ve ever made.  Of course you could always take a break from the terror and design a few avatars.

Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites – With so many great titles available, we went with our instincts in this limited edition offer and left it up to the fans!  We had you pick the three mysteries to include in this special offer, and your choice?  Treasure in a Royal Tower (the ever-loved classic), The Secret of Shadow Ranch (which includes the very dreamy Dave), and Curse of Blackmoor Manor (one of our scariest and hardest mysteries).  All in all great choices, plus it came with an exclusive journal and special collector’s tin, what’s not to love?

So what about next year?  Well that’s a post for another day.  Happy sleuthing!

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