Fun Quotes and Jackalope Displays

I’ve been reading a lot of fun stuff today. There are some awesome quotes in the games that I haven’t caught before, and they are really funny! I’ve missed several of Frank and Joe’s conversations in the past because I don’t call them very often for hints in a few of the games…and they are hilarious, totally worth listening to! Here’s a couple I like from Trail of the Twister:

Radio Commercial:
VOICE 1: “How much would you expect to pay for this top of the line product?”
VOICE 2: “$64.95”
VOICE 1: {Caught off guard} “That’s…yup. Thats right. Did someone tell you?”

Frank and Joe Hardy:
Joe: “Now I’ve forgotten what I was saying…oh yeah. Acts of revenge always make less sense than sabotage. But remember, Every act of sabotage reveals the nature of the saboteur. Think about what type of person would behave this way…”
Frank: {Lightly teasing} “That’s very deep, Joe…not extraordinarily helpful, but deep.”
Joe: “Eh, one out of two ain’t bad.”

I’ve also learned the secrets of the jackalope display in Trail of the Twister, which I love. Have any of you figured it out?

Weekend puzzle 83 is waiting for a master detective to figure out its answer. Give it a try!

~Little Jackalope~

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