Fondest Memories Kept in a Collector’s Tin

With the Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites shipped and ready to be delivered, and a contest up and running, we have taken some time to think back on some of our fondest memories from the games that make up this special product.  Treasure in a Royal Tower, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Curse of Blackmoor Manor are not only adored by our fans, but also in the hearts of many HI employees.  We’re not here to play favorites, but we can’t help but remember a few of our most cherished moments from these games. 

One of Nancy’s earliest cases (on the PC) is still one of the best.  Treasure in a Royal Tower continues to achieve high marks among all our fans.  This winter mystery has more than its fair share of memorable moments.  The fabulous and bizarre dialogue of one, Beatrice Hotchkiss, the maze-like hallways of Wickford Castle, and the beauty and history of Marie Antoinette kept within its walls are just a few choice scenes from this game.  Talk about a fun and exciting mystery, this classic case is definitely fit for a queen!

Adventure is practically synonymous with Nancy Drew, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch is a great example of that.  What we remember most (besides all the chores and hard-work a sleuth has to do down on the ranch) was exploring an eerie ghost town, listening to undiscovered singing talent around a late-night campfire, and our favorite part, caring for and riding a few of Shadow Ranch’s beautiful horses.  That particular memory is what keeps us galloping back for more.

With Nancy’s most recent case, Shadow at the Water’s Edge [not included in the set], so recently released, scary moments are in the fore-front of our minds.  Curse of Blackmoor Manor is often referred to as one of our most terrifying games, and that’s how we remember a lot of it.  Whether it was ghost hunting after midnight, exploring darkened passages with the tiny light of a glow stick, or spying a werewolf’s paw from a secret hideaway, there were many times when we had goose bumps crawling across our skin.  The lesson learned; sometimes a truly frightening case can be truly amazing.

These are just a few of our favorite moments from these games.  Tell us what you remember most from your experience playing Nancy Drew PC games?  And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites, currently available for order, but only while supplies last! 

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