Codes, Ciphers and Clues, oh my!

Whoo-hoo! It’s Monday! Why is it that Monday seems to be the most mind-boggling day of the week? I love it, all the more challenges to take on! It’s kind of like playing dodge ball in reverse. Multi-tasking (and thinking) is a Nancy Drew trait, I think. I’m practicing it now.

Speaking of challenges, last week’s puzzle (mid-week for the Thanksgiving break on Thursday and Friday) has not yet been solved, but oh boy! Someone is on the right track on the message boards… So here’s your semi-vague hint: Every letter counts. Ciphers are fun…half the problem is trying to figure out which one. 🙂

Ooh… I’m thinking of using my purple journal from the Nancy Drew Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites to create a Nancy Drew cipher, code-cracking and sleuth guide. Any suggestions to what puzzles from past games I could add to it?

~Little Jackalope~

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