Your First Weekend in Japan

So you’ve had a good, solid weekend to consider the latest Nancy-faire (Shadow at the Water’s Edge). Do you absolutely love it? Has it met your expectations? Is it the scariest mystery this side of the Pecos? I guess an even better question is, ‘have you completed the case yet?‘ So many questions, mayhaps we’ll break out that most customary of launch rituals, the “post-launch fan survey.” No ETA on that though, there’s still much to do

Deep in our secret Testing Facility, we noted that even our most senior of Test technicians took quite a long time to completely play through this game. Chore for them, but boon for you! Personally I find that our games tend to fall right around the “just-enough” play-time for me, with each offering clocking in at a length appropriate to my interest in the story’s plot… (except The Phantom of Venice – cause, boy… I coulda spent ages snooping in that lovely city). Now of course I know many of you fall into the “Games are too short” camp, but I’m thinking that Shadow at the Water’s Edge might just be the answer you’ve been lookin’ for, ya dig?

You puzzle-players are on the right track. Though I fear it may be more math intensive than you realize. I’ll keep an ear out for a good hint to sing your way.

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  1. Gegee23 says:

    This was definitely one of my favorite games. I got stuck at one part but manged to finish the end, I loved it!

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