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I’m kinda in art overload here. I’m looking at pictures from 5 different launches that have happened, or are expected to happen this year. It’s been busier than I can remember. I mean think about it… all those new games… and more on the way…

This here is what we call a “double-edged sword.” I’ve enjoyed getting to solve new mysteries and adventures (on new platforms too). But, sheesh, we barely finish with one launch and we’re moving on, setting up the stage for the next act. Can we maintain such a pace? Yeah, probably. If anything, Nancy’s taught me that determination and hard-work are the way to go. But it hardly gives me any time to praise the fabulous teams that have made these great games. And how am I supposed to pepper in my commentary of the vox populi (that’s you) for each product if I’ve only got a day or two till I’m hyping the “next-best-thing.” Hmmm…

I guess this will take some extra thinking! But I’ll come up with the proper solution… (new programming perhaps) No doubt, no doubt.

Keep rocking out in the free world!

– Novel –

p.s. Puzzle tomorrow. ^.^

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  1. Phoenix Star says:

    What’s the fifth game?!

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