The Reach of Teaching

I was reading some interesting articles about video games being used as teaching tools in schools. Apparently there are some classes being taught about game design in a Junior High setting! I think that’s fantastic. Games can be a great medium to convey a variety of subjects. Some modern games instill philosophical tenants, political commentary, or even scientific facts into their games.

If you’ve played any of ours (and I totally know you have) then you’ve probably learned more than your fair share of random trivia. Say… the Italian language, Marie Antoinette, Shakespeare, or even entomology. There’s tons to pick up on, so maybe you’ll find one of our games in your syllabus next semester. 😛 Now that would be epic!

What were you most surprised to learn in a Nancy Drew game?

Also the weekend puzzle has been solved, congrats! Check out the steps below to see how it all worked out.

– Puzzle 71 Answer –
The first step in solving this puzzle is knowing that [ the symbols are letters ].
To determine each symbol’s meaning, the clue suggests [ that there is a rotation occuring (clockwise) ]
In the puzzle, only [ 1/4 of each letter is shown ] at a given time. The first symbol is [ the top left of an “R” ] which means the next one [ shows the bottom-left ( of an “E” ]. Continue on in this fashion until you’ve deciphered them all [no anagrams here!]
The final outcome is:
[ Rentaro loves Miwako ]

Oooooh, a little romance. Yup, SAW’s got the whole gamut of plot. Still for some, the promise romantic plots can also add a twinge of terror. No wonder we keep saying it’s our scariest one yet.


-Novel –

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2 responses to “The Reach of Teaching”

  1. Grace says:

    I’ve been playing your games since I was 10, about 9 years now. And I just about know morse code by heart!
    Your games really inspired me to become a programmer and make positive games too. I’m continually inspired and amused by all the creativity in your games. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Phoenix Star says:

    The Nancy Drew games are honestly the most educational games I have ever played! They’re fun encyclopedias! I don’t know what I was most surprised about, but I probably enjoyed learning about the Mayans the most. SSH had so much information in it.

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