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I know there’s a usual dance that the blog takes, with steps chosen by the days of the week. But we’ve had a bit of a buzz around here and it may have knocked me slightly off queue. Still, there’s been some fires that needed dealing with. And I’ll borrow an excuse from there.

I’m guessing you are more than primed to hear about Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and I don’t blame ya. Well, I’ve got good news… there’s a trailer for that! Yup. Finally the first, of what I can assume is many, vids for the next Nancy Drew case. Beautiful scenery, yes. Spooky, definitely. I can’t wait for the next installment.

SAW is on its final polishing phase. Which comes with about a million hurdles. As commented yesterday, most of the office is knee-deep in mystery, ensuring only the best is shipped. This is our mission, our duty, and our passion. 😛

Looking for more mystery? Fret not and return tomorrow with an open head and a brave heart; for a nefarious puzzle awaits!

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