Sleuth On

Hey everyone,

Today I brought my two best friends into HER with me to work on super special secret project, which I can’t tell you about due to its super secret nature. However, we’ve yet to move past the brainstorm portion the task.

Otherwise, I’m sorry to report that today will be my last blog entry. Next week I go back to school and you guys will go back to reading the delightful words of Novel every day. I’ve had a really amazing summer here at HI and I’ve loved writing the blog (both last year and this year) for such amazing fans. Make sure you guys keep using your sleuthing powers for good!


-Summmahhh Sleuth

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One response to “Sleuth On”

  1. Alie-oop says:

    It’s a bummer. I know I’ll miss you. Have fun at school. 🙂

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