September is Here!

As you may or may not have realized at this point in the day, it’s now September! For almost all youngins like myself, September marks the beginning of a new school year which isn’t necessarily the best news. Buuuutt, September is, and should be recognized for, all it’s other attributes. Firstly, soon there will be crunchy leaves on the ground to step on (my favorite fall treat). Secondly, it’s now only the month before the month that SAW comes out. Thirdly, September is the first month that it becomes acceptable to drink hot chocolate and apple cider again, in preparation for the cold months ahead (okay if you live in Florida that doesn’t so much apply to you).

In fact, September is such a great month that it has a multitude of monthly holidays that are associated with it. Some of my favorite of the whole year in fact, check it out:

Classical Music Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Fall Hat Month

International Square Dancing Month

National Blueberry Popsicle Month

National Courtesy Month

National Piano Month

Better Breakfast Month

Chicken Month

Baby Safety Month

Little League Month

Honey Month

Self Improvement Month

I don’t know about you guys, but Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (also the most important!) so I fully plan to spend my September improving my morning feast. All of these holidays are super important…okay so maybe not all of them… but it’s fun to celebrate things that that don’t matter! I say go crazy with hat shopping this month or in the spirit of self improvement (month) spend a day trying to make your own blueberry popsicles and honey. Enjoy!


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  1. xSpiritRainx says:

    Um…I have a question about the Haunting at Castle Malloy. I just finished that really hard slider puzzle when I realized that I forgot to talk to Donal about Kit. Now the message box won’t let me. How will I shear the sheep now? I heard Donal has to ask you first but he won’t talk to me. Can you tell me whether i have to start over again?

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