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So while I’m waaaay stoked about the new project, details are a little sparse in my neck of the woods. I hear cheers from that half the office every so often (insert “greener grass” aphorism). But there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding it. Perfect for an avid Nancy Drew fan, huh? Maybe I can snoop out some photos or secret documents. Now that would make for an exciting day!

The reception on the boards has been pretty good. We’re never sure just how well received any of our odd-ball schemes will be. We just keep trying to make the best Nancy Drew experience for everyone and hoping for the best. Eh, it does teach you that Nancy Drew, timeless as she is, isn’t afraid to take that leap to emerging technology. And I’m glad that HI is part of that process.

So I guess the hint for a hint was a little too much. The puzzle has been vanquished. Congrats to everyone for helping out. Check out the solving steps below.

– Puzzle 72 Answer –
Follow these easy steps to solving:
1. [ Cut the numbers into vertical columns ]
2. Use the clue to determine [ the amount of up or down movement ] which is random.
3. Now apply step two to step one; the [ 1st column moves 0 ]. Next up, the [ 2nd column moves up 3 ]… [ 3rd column moves down 1, 4th column moves down 3, the 5th column doesn’t move, 6th column moves down 3, 7th column shifts up 1, the 8th column goes up 3, the 9th column moves down 4, the 10th column moves down 3 ]
4. Scour the newly formed [ configuration ] and you’ll spot the answer.
[ The Curse of Blackmoor Manor ]

Super sweet. I’m completely thrilled that you all managed to work it out. I really liked this one. Okay-dokey, looks like I’m done for the day. We’ll cross paths again around the same-ish time tomorrow, yeah?

– Novel –

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