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So there will be [is] a brand new newsletter! Yup, your inboxes are about to get a friendly visit from the SAW-fairy… if you’re beyond waiting till the end of day, I suppose you could click here. (Don’t say I never did nuthin’ for ya.) 😉

Also I’m sure that by now you know all about the spooky “Paranormal Tours” site we launched in preparation for SAW… starring none other than John Grey! That’s right, the ghost hunter from TRN has taken a tour of the famous SAW ryokan. There’s a whole bunch of content to discover.

And I suppose lastly, I’ve got some competition in the blog business. It seems that Yumi Shimizu (Bento-maker and fashionista extraordinaire) has decided to run her own super fantastic daily blog. You should definitely give it a read, she’s got some spunk!

Other than that, it’s a good soft Monday. Maybe this week will follow suit. See ya later!

– Novel –

P.S. Did you pre-order SAW yet? Cause today you can!

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