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Boy oh boy! The meetings this week have been vibrant and entertaining. (re:BBQ post) But that’s not all. Next week is going to be a big one as well. New SAW content will be showing up. Plus we’ve probably got something or other to announce. You know us, we’re all secrets and mystery (it is our business after all.) In fact I think we’ve been tossing around this idea of “Her Interactive – The Mystery Makers.” I’ll put my seal of approval on that. It definitely has the kind of ring my ears enjoy… alliteration aside. It’s been gracing the newsletters since sometime back, and maybe we haven’t gotten it tattooed on the business cards just yet, but I like the concept. Making mystery, crafting crime, selling suspense; yup, we do that.

In other news, we’re trying to keep pace with everything. The launch is bearing down on us fast; pre-orders sit waiting to be fulfilled (begin shipping in just over two or so weeks!) I’m thinking I need some one here just to help me remember where I misplaced my “To-Do” list. Ah well, with Fall officially rung in, I guess we can’t help but begin feeling a bit “too cozy.” Which I suppose is the perfect time to shake things up, yeah?

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