For Nancy Drew's 80th anniversary, we're remastering the very first game we created – Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. It took us two years to create it, centered around a murder, and required a lot of disc switching!  A lot has changed since then, especially the technology, so since we had to go into the code to make it compatible on Vista/Windows 7 and Mac, we thought the fans would love it if we were to update the game with new graphics, 3D characters, new puzzles, and a whole slew of other features!

Along with the updated game, we also had to update the packaging.  We love the original packaging and that's where our first concept for the remastered version game from.  It highlights the 80th anniversary and pays homage to the original art.  The eyes still stare out from the box, calling you to search library of the school for more clues.

nancy drew: secrets can kill concept 1


Our second concept for the packaging focused on the characters themselves and tried to tell a story about the suspects.  They are all suspicious of each other and wondering if they'll be the next person killed to keep the secret safe.  This particular concept would give the person looking at the box a much better feel for the updated characters.  Keep in mind that this is just concept art.

secrets can kill concept 2


And finally for our third concept, we wanted to try something completely different than anything else we've ever done to really make it stand out from the rest of our games.  As you can see, we got rid of the characters completely and focused more on integrating the title into the packaging.  It's still mysterious with the threats on the locker and the obscured character makes the reader think that it might be them solving the mystery.  That's the beauty of this package – it really puts the fan into the shoes of Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill concept 3


So which one is your favorite?  Check back for updates on this mystery video game for PC/Mac, and you'll get to see which one we picked in the coming weeks and how the package evolved!

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