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So there was a very interesting point made at the conference today. A few people spoke in a panel about communities and how they shape/effect your company and the games you make. It was definitely interesting. But one thing they talked about that really resonated with us is how much work your fans will do and the distance they’ll go just to show you they care. We’ve seen a lot of this over the years. We receive pictures of baked goods, fan art, and youTube videos all about Nancy Drew. You all are such a creative bunch, and it’s really awesome to see how much we inspire you to get out there and make something amazing! You all never cease to impress. Keep it up and I promise we’ll keep trying to make better and better content for you to enjoy. ^.^

About the puzzles… someone sent me a comment with the correct answer for puzzle 63! I’ve yet to post it due to spoilers. Mayhaps they’ll post some info on the MB. Just in case I’ll lay down a hint for said puzzle.

– Puzzle 63 Hint –

When we say “one more” we mean, “plus one” … to everything.

Yup, that right there is a bona-fide, grade-A hint. Let’s try and close this one off. ^.~

– Novel –

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