Did you see the new trailer? It looks a lot prettier than I remember. ^.~ I’m hoping for some gameplay footage soon. Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger are the only games I’ve yet to play all the way through, so as you can expect I’m pretty excited about this one. Now I did get the chance to mess around a little bit in the early stages of development, but I haven’t played since before beta… I’m super antsy by now.

People are starting to drift back into the office from Casual Connect, brains full of new ideas. There’s only a few discussion panels left and I can’t wait to hear what new things we learned from the industry’s experts!

After being warned not to “spin” any of this interview as some kind of political “office smear campaign” I was able to get some pretty excellent information (with pictures!) from one of our most talented 2-D artists, Zach.

– Blurb of the Week –

I’ve been preparing for the next Nancy Drew game by reading environment descriptions from the design team. Then I work on concept sketches and do research concerning real world objects that will appear in the scene. For instance, in TOT [art below] I created a “Jackalope Machine” that incorporates many traditional [and realistic] elements of old museum displays, such as the building materials, diorama appearance, and coin-operated machinery. Each of these elements are clearly visible in the concept, and were translated into the final art. We can also use this method to help bring more realism to imagined/fabricated items. The concept drawings set up a check system that ensures both cultural and design components are represented faithfully in the creation of the 3-D art. As a final step, I play test those environments [after 3-D artists have created them] and make sure everything looks extra snazzy.

Awesome! Thanks for the interesting interview (esp. the pictures). I’ll be excited to see more of your work in ND23.

I’m concerned the Puzzle 62 may be in need of explicit hints, but I’m considering letting it hang there, unanswered. We’ll see. There’s bound to be a new puzzle tomorrow though. For we simply cannot resist.

– Novel –

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