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Wheee! Nothing but fun and sun today… though no beach. Still, let’s settle on simplicity for the time being. So, I’m turning right to it.

I had a good conversation with the designer of our Nancy Drew Adventure games, Cathy. She told me all about what’s been going on this week.

-Blurb of the Week-
Although this sounds silly, I’ve been playing through ND23 for the first time this week. Over the past couple of months I’ve played it on paper, but this is my first official walkthrough on a computer. I have to make sure that the design works well and is implemented correctly… which has been a bit of chore. I help report and fix any bugs I come across. So far I’ve been working on the same play-through for a day and a half, and I know all the puzzle answers! I’m also helping the Marketing team by doing write-ups and design documents they can use to hype the ND23 release; like creating mini-games or determining the scope of the demos. There has even been meetings detailing the barest beginnings of Nancy’s next adventure, but I can’t say any more about that. Besides, I’m so excited to be able to see just how awesome ND23 is turning out! I can’t wait for everyone to play it… well, once we get it working just right.

Oooooh quite exciting! Not to point any fingers, but Madam Designer, knows pretty much all the secrets of HI. She’s got a line to all the future cues of Nancy. It’s always a pleasure to speak with her. (oh and she’s loves hearing from you all too. ^.~ )

Aaaaaand for those inquisitive minds…

– Puzzle 64 Answer –

To start you need to [ translate the words ]
You can tell which [ language ] you need to use by the
[ letter after the text ] The list is:

F – Finnish
M – Malay
C – Catalan
H – Hungarian
G – German
N – Norwegian
T – Turkish

Each set equals [ New Features ] but we know the answer is three words. So the next step is to think of it as [ a rebus puzzle ]
So the final answer would be:
[ 7 new features ]

As you can guess, we’re still deeply seeded in Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED. You do know pre-orders are just around the corner, right? I thought so. 🙂

– Novel –

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