So much of the entertainment rig-a-marole tossed about this week seems to fall far into the future. While I love to hear it, I don’t put much stock in the “far, far away” predictions, mostly because slipping on dates is bad news.  Sure, it happens sometimes, but the outcome sits squarely in the negative. 

We’re lucky enough to be on track during these crazy times.  And as far as I know everything is moving steadily towards the 29th.  Some of you may have already unwrapped that shiny golden ticket and headed off towards the factory (though we’ve got less confections and more mystery than Mr. Wonka.)  Everyone will get the chance to play though, and I know the experience will be just as sweet. ^.~

A splendidly friendly employee is giving me the dish this week.  She’s a serious worker, so getting a few words is pretty lucky, but that’s the office these days.  Jamie is our resident sound expert, so let’s hear all about her week.

– Blurb of the Week –

I’ve been doing sound effects and dubbing for SCK and ND23. My main focus was working on timing the sounds with the animations we’ve been putting in. I also worked with James (Scripter) to help record some new sounds of glass (rattling, breaking, etc.) which we intended to do outside but were hindered by the helicopter and man with an axe. It’s been an odd kind of week.

True story, all of it.

Catch the puzzle tomorrow!

– Novel (ono) –

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  1. tim says:

    A suggestion Novel! Preordering the Digital Download of the ND games doesn’t really help you get it any earlier like preordering boxed games does, so why not set up a system where if you pay, maybe 5 dollars extra, you get it a week earlier or something? THAT would be good! =-)

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