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We’ve had a few unfortunate little mishaps, but as a whole, the pre-release is moving pretty steadily. Pre-orders should be available right now! Plus there’s that whole special edition thing going on. Still there’s a couple of weeks between here and there. I’m guessing shenanigans will ensue, maybe keep an eye out for it…

It looks like you all solved the puzzle over the weekend. That extra day may have been just what the doctor ordered. Let’s see how it’s worked out.

– Puzzle 56 Answer –

g mgn / lmga aaie / almz

This puzzle is solved by using a [ rail fence cipher ]. You’ll need to separate the 3 lines so they’re [ stacked ] as such:

g mgn
lmga aaie

Now you’ll need to use the [ cipher ] and don’t forget to [ leave in the spaces ]. After following the instructions you’ll get:

[ glam-glam-magazine ]

Maybe this isn’t too familiar to you, but you can find some reference in DAN. Plus it might have a bit more significance after June 29th. Who knows…

– Novel –

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