Catching a Twister

Forget the reviewers – we make games for our fans! Our hardcore fans are our toughest critics, so what they say is the most important to us. If they love the game, then it's a success and if they hate it, well, then we have a lot to improve on for the next one. So far it sounds like our fans are digging Nancy Drew: Traill of the Twister!!! Once you've played the game, make sure you post a review either here on our message board or Amazon.  You can also email us directly at

Here is one of the first reviews from messsage board member NancyDetective9.

Although it doesn't seem like a huge plot, it unravels into a great mystery! The plot was well thought out and followed through the whole game. You are playing undercover as an intern. You get all sorts of tasks and puzzles, which are very fun!
PLOT: 9.5/10

The settings are very fun! (I say settings with an "S" because you can go other places in the game besides the farmhouse.) They seem very realistic and also appropriate for the time of year! (: I especially liked Ma and Pa's store!
SETTING: 9.5/10

HeR did an excellent job with graphics. The characters are realistic and have great personalities. You can even relate with the characters, too.

The puzzles were awesome! They were just the right difficulty. They kept you interested while you were solving them, and they were not overly frustrating. None of them were too hard, and none of them were very easy, either; making them just the right complexity! They were fun, too.
PUZZLES: 9.5/10

The movement was perfect. I never found myself stuck where I couldn't progress to the next part of the game. There was always something for you to do, which was fun!

The characters were very realistic. I liked their personalities!
Scott Varnell: Scott is the leader of the group of tornado chasers. He is a bit touchy, but is a good leader.
Debbie Kircum: Debbie is very dedicated to her work. She does most of the work; you are basically her assistant. She is very nice and always tells you to "have fun!"
Chase Relerford: Chase is the one who is always doing the fixing (besides you, of course.) He is also nice, and you get to do a few fun tasks for him.
Pa: Pa runs the Ma and Pa's store. He is my favorite character. Pa is a friendly man, and always has something to say. Surprisingly enough, he likes the theater.
Frosty Harlow: Frosty is a very kind person. He is the photographer in the group and you can take pictures for him, which turns out to be quite fun!

I loved the game! (: Definetly one of my favorites. It was so fun!! 😀 I'm not sure what else to say, I just really liked the game! I'm trying not to give too much away, so if I was a little vague…sorry!
Anyway. Here's the rating!!
OVERALL: 9.5/10 !!

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