Anatomy of a Twister (title)

With Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister Special Edition currently in preorders through June 16, we wanted to go back and give you a little background on how we named this game. 

Here is the overview that design sent over:
A new assignment sends Nancy undercover as part of a Storm Chasers team in Oklahoma to investigate competitive rivalries that may have gone too far in the heart of Tornado Alley. In a hotly contested race to win the $100,000,000 grant at stake, the leading team has only to find one perfect twister to test their new system and win the grand prize, not to mention meteorological renown in the scientific community. But the team’s equipment and findings are turning up in pieces, jeopardizing their safety in the midst of a major tornado outbreak, and Nancy must race against the clock to discover the culprit before it is too late. When Nancy finds herself directly in the tornado's path of a raging storm, can she catch the villain and save the study, and her life, before the tornado blows it all away?

We then had a brain storming session where we made a list of all the words that are related to the game:

Tornado               Hunt                      Tornado Alley                    Sabotage             Cyclone               Oklahoma     Twister                 Weather              Forecasting                         Terror                   Flight                     Escape     Wrath                   Nature                  Storm chasers                   Race                      Threat                   Warning              Watch                   Chase                    Whirlwind                           Fury                       Trouble         Path Treachery            Danger                 Looming              Doom                   Impending          Fields
Skies                      Cloud                    Storm              Spotting               Stormy              Darkness
Tempest              Prairie                   Competition                       Desolation          Dust Bowl            Destruction           Wind                     Cataclysm            Chaos            Peril                       “Okie”                   Howl            Plains                    Thunder               Roar                                       Billowing              Funnel                  Alarms
Siren                      Wail                       Rush              Traitor                   Saboteur             Imminent        Core punch         Twisterville         Signs

As you can tell, we chose words related to danger, mystery, Oklahoma, weather, and storms.  We then took these words and combined them into a  bunch of phrases to try to describe the game.  Some of them made sense and some of them didn't.

Escape from Twisted Gables                                       Threat of the Tempest

Traitor of the Tornado                                                   Escape from Twister Prairie

Trailing the Tornado                                                        Tornado Hunters

In Nature’s Wrath                                                            Treachery in the Tempest

Terror from the Skies                                                     Siren of the Storm

Signs of Sabotage                                                            Skies of Destruction

Flight of the Storm chasers                                          Path of Peril

Fraught with Sabotage                                                  Twister Sabotage

Tornado Trouble/Treachery/Terror                         The Trouble with Tornados

Fields/Funnels of Fury                                                   Chase the Cyclone

Sabotage of the Storm chasers                                  Whirlwind of Danger/Sabotage

Wrath/Wail of the Whirlwind                                      Eyes on the Tornado

Sabotage in the Sky/Storm                                          Racing the Tornado’s Roar

Funnel of Fear                                                                   Tornadoing the Competition

Storms/Skies of Sabotage                                            To Watch the Weather’s Wrath

Hunt/Terror of the Wailing Whirlwind

And then marketing narrowed it down to the top 5 titles and everyone voted on which one they liked best and that's how we ended up with Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister.

Are there any titles on this list that you like or word that you would string together to create a title? Leave us a comment and let us know.  We'd love to hear your creative ideas!

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