Ads are a tricky business. We plan ahead by months, guessing what will be important and poignant. Of course, that’s not me. I’m responsible for the copy and art (proofing, not creation).

The abstract biz is having to step out of now and think about down the road. It’s an odd frame… I’m excited about TOT, but I’m staring at hype materials for SCK and ND23. I try to keep pace with you all, which seems to work out well. As a piece of a team, performing for a crowd is one thing, actually stepping off the stage to become part of the audience(i.e. a fan) is another. It’s nice to find myself involved in that role more and more these days. I guess that means our marketing team is doing a decent job. Someone deserves some chocolate.

I got another scripter to talk to us this week. James is his name, and he’s got the inside info on HI.

– Blurb of the Week –

We are busy working on multiple projects right now. I built several convos and environments and fixed some “techy-things” [navigation, UI]. I made puzzles for both SCK and ND23. Of course this means I had to do a “few“ rounds of testing. It is of paramount importance that the puzzles work correctly.

Somehow I’m not surprised… That’s Production for you. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. Ah, well it’s been a short week, so no worries.

Puzzle’s up tomorrow. Cya then.

– Novel(e) –

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  1. aubrey says:

    im still excited for TOT but SCK AND ND23 CANT wait to see trailers

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