5.8. Pzzle Wk [stop]

Ahhh… the Friday. I am truly thankful for your arrival. And I’ve brought gifts. In the form of puzzles (singular). Work hard and enjoy. Also take a gander at 57 if you’ve got time. It’s apparently quite the trifle.

– Puzzle 58 –

101110100 001101000 101101001 001110011 101110100 101101100 101100101
001100010 101101100 101101001 001101101 001110000
001100100 101101111 101110111 001101110 001111001

Hint(s): Aren’t these numbers are a bit odd? Besides how can three words make four…

Good luck!

– Novel (in medias res) –

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One response to “5.8. Pzzle Wk [stop]”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Novel!
    Could you tell me if there is new music in SCK2? It is just so exiting this new version of the game we all love! 😛

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