The pre-order time is almost at hand! Are you ready?

Oh and before I forget… cause I will… Monday’s a holiday, and so we’re totally not coming in. This unfortunately includes, yours truly. Just a head’s up.

On to more pressing business, a voice of the office, ringing our ears with the sounds of current times at HI. Alex, a scripter of world (HI) renown, has handed down this week’s wire. Enjoy.

Blurb of the Week

I’ve been busy working on both SCK and ND23. We’ve got your standard list of deliverables happening now; tutorials, convos, and of course the fan-favorite… puzzles. The puzzles have been the best part for us too. We’ve made some really cool innovations for these games so we’ve been using new techniques to build the puzzles. They’ll play better and look better! But don’t worry, we haven’t managed to crack the 3-D glasses technology for our games just yet… maybe for ND24.

Sounds rad! I can’t wait to see what the production team has come up with! Next time I’ll have to press for more spoilers though. That’s more my bread and butter. ^.~

C’mon back tomorrow, when we’ve got pie and puzzles.*


*pie not necessarily included

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One response to “Dilly-dally”

  1. Olivia says:

    NO 3D! lol, 😀
    it gives me headaches. 🙂

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