Blast from the Past

We’ve been sorting through all of the TOT materials and readying packaging and digital assets (screen-shots and the like). It has me thinking about a lot of the other launches I’ve been through. But what about the times before? I wonder what the build up for the Secret of Scarlet Hand was like. A lot less digital, I can certainly say. Were there newsletters way back when? Was there an official product page launch? Was it as crazy busy as this release? Cause we’re covered, smothered, and layered (possibly like hashbrowns) in work.

I can’t help but feel like yesterday’s hint was misleading. And maybe that right there is a hint of its own. But let’s see if I can be a tad more instructive.

– Puzzle 52 Hint –

I’ve seen some good attempts, but ultimately you’ll need two Codes to crack this puzzle. Speaking of which, I’ve seen the first code completed. You’ll need to deal with the second set by not dashing between the dotted lines.

Wednesday never looked so good! Catch ya then.

– Novel –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Novel! I was just wondering wether you were able to get any Raven Egg hints? Thanks for trying if you couldn’t =-> ~Tim~

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