56th Weekend Puzzle

We’ve got an extended weekend to sort this one out.  I tried to figure out something tricky for you all, and I think Designer Ben came up with a good puzzle for it.  Try not to finish it in one day.  😛

– Puzzle 56 –

g mgn / lmga aaie / almz

Cya next week!

– Novel (~)

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4 responses to “56th Weekend Puzzle”

  1. Corbalizer says:

    Loved the TOT demo. Though word of advice: I didn’t like the driving. Please remove that 3rd person feature. But on the upside, the characters and events looked a bit more realistic, the puzzles were very original. I also liked of how you made the tasks indirect unlike WAC and RAN. Do this Nancy, do that Nancy. From what I can tell, the game will be pretty excellent. I’m going to buy it!

  2. Hahahahaha! I love these puzzles! This one was very very very fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Novel!
    Just wondering if the TOT game on http://www.interactcd.com/ (Linked of the ‘shop’ tab on HeR) Is the special edition? Thanks for helping!

    P.S: The Word Verification i have to type in is ‘Nomel’ Sooooo close to ‘Novel’ but not quite. Yeah I know, lame

  4. Novel_Sleuth says:

    @Corbalizer – Thanks for passing along the feedback, I’ll make sure it ends up on the proper ears. I’m glad to hear you’re excited for TOT!

    @hannahbananaboat – That’s great! We’ll keep making them if you keep doing them. ^.~

    @anon – I had to dig for the answer to this one. Unfortunately we only offer a boxed version of the special edition to be shipped in the U.S. You can order the digital version however. If you have other questions regarding the special edition, you can always email feedback@herinteractive.com

    – Novel –

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