Sure sure, I’ve mentioned all sorts of secret things before, but this episode of Blurb of the Week is all about the future! We’re in the process of building TOT hype, which can be tricky considering the constriction of information, but that is still the current goal.

I, however, continue my report on the current events of the office (where it doesn’t conflict with my manager’s instructions, of course). This week, we’ve got our stand-in Friday Puzzle designer, Rob, on the wire. When he’s not trying to stump our readers, he acts as the manager for Localization (translating games to other languages). But as you’ll read, his tasks extend out a bit further than that…

– Blurb of the Week –
I’m currently programming puzzles and building scenes for a secret project. The process is done differently from the normal PC games, in that, we’re working using an “agile” method of development. It is a much more flexible production environment and one cool part of it is that we create playable versions of the games much earlier. So I’ve already gotten to play and test some of the scenes I built earlier this week! Unfortunately most of what I work on is “hush-hush” so I can’t say much more. I’m kinda like the “James Bond” of HI.

As an aside, Rob may not be aware that we’re allowed to mention ND23… but hey, if it makes him sneak around the office in a tuxedo while speaking with a British accent, who am I to spoil his fun. ^.~

The end of the week is at hand, I hope to catch you before its through.

– Novel –

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