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Midweek is looking pretty fancy.  We’ve got the sun on our side today, which is always appreciated.  I’ve seen a lot of busy co-workers spreading the gossip of future games.  There were some short clips passed around from the convention.  I know you’ll be seeing some of that shortly.  There was more talk of TOT teasers, of which I heard only good things.  Not to mention other lingering projects and endeavors.  I took a short walk, taking inventory of our reclusive artists and viewing their current masterpieces (i.e. ND22 or 23 artwork.) Many barely glanced up at my intrusion, instead continuing to dwell in other more fanciful (and artistically inspiring) planes.  I wish I’d had an air-horn… now that would have been a treat.

“Artist Row”

So here are the solving steps for the two puzzles completed this weekend.

– Puzzle 48 –

48 + 61 + 4e + 6e + 102 + 125 =

29b + A3 + 1db + 206 + 1f9 =

This puzzle relies on just one thing [ Unicode ]
If you input the text into a [ Unicode converter ] you’ll receive a whole slew of [ letters. ]
While some might have a few extra marks, reduce them down to their [ Roman letter counterparts ] There’s no rearranging here:
[ Hannah Gruen ]

And next up we have:

– Puzzle 49 –

This is a [ Rebus ].  I’ll break up each image first.
1. First Image = [ Cellphone ]
2. Second Image = [ Ankh ]
3. Third Image = [ Hand ]
4. Fourth Image = [ Cup of Coffee ]

Now you put it all together for [ Phone ankh hand coffee ]
You’ll need to use the spaces and make some substitutions to complete the puzzle.
For the first spaces, you’ll add [ two letters, F and R] for the second space, [remove the H ] and lastly [substitute coffee for “joe” ]
Now the sentence should read:
[ Phone Frank and Joe ]

That’s all for today. Peace out!


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