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We “wheeled and dealed” with PR (Public Relations) today. It was a glorious verbal foray with only one true goal; How to roll out the red carpet for TOT. There were plenty of good ideas, many of which you’ll begin to see permeating the delicate ecosystem of HI’s virtual home (and in many ways, yours too.) This likely means TOT announcements popping up every so often right up until the package knocks on the front door, freshly delivered and ripe for playing. It’s been far too long I say, but Spring is moving forward and so too are we…

Today I spoke with our Sales Manager, Mo’, who is basically in charge of making sure our games get from our hands to yours! So here it is, your “Blurb of the Week”

With the TOT launch happening soon, I had to meet directly with the president to talk about coordination between HI and its distributors (the companies who ship our games to you.) We have to rally the troops, so to speak, to make sure that when TOT comes out in June, our fans receive it on the day we promised. Other than work diligently on that, this week I had the important task of preparing the monthly order for office supplies and snacks. [slight pause] You have told them what the office is like without snacks right? It’s downright scary.

As much as it pains me to say it, she’s right, without snacks in the kitchen there could be rioting in the cubicles. ^.~ But enough of that, if there was any worry surrounding the TOT launch being earlier than previous years, just know that we seem to have that issue on lockdown already. Thanks for the insight, Mo.

It’s been a good week, there’s a puzzle coming tomorrow, and definitely some more awesome artwork! Cya.


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