Nancy Drew Art Contest Winners

We had a great turnout for this contest and I know the judges had a difficult task narrowing down the artwork submissions to just 30 winners. The ten photo winners were randomly drawn from all the entries we received. Just below you’ll find a long list of names for the winners, and for the next week or so we’ll be posting a few pieces of the winning artwork each day. (In fact, you’ll see some winning artwork later today!) Congratulations to those who won and a big thanks to all who entered!

Artwork Winners:
Alexandra A.
Amelia C.
Amriel S
Anna H.
April H.
Avery S.
Chelsea G.
Christine W.
Crystie C.
Emily I.
Emily S.
Gabrielle B.
Hailie M.
Hannah W.
Kelly W.
Kelsey H.
Lana B.
Laura K.
Laura S.
Lea F.
Lisa C.
Madi L.
Maria P.
Marie G.
Marissa T.
Maxine E.
Olivia B.
Samantha P.
Serena W.
Taylor G.

Photo Winners:
Alana S.
Alexandra A.
Alyssa H.
Emily S.
Ethan R.
Laura B.
Lydia B.
Michael G.
Olivia J.
Rose R.

Kudos to All!

P.S. Winners will be contacted over the next few days! If you’ve yet to receive a “winning announcement” give it a little time before you flood our poor Webmaster’s inbox. After all, they do have 40 people to talk to. 😛

– Novel –

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2 responses to “Nancy Drew Art Contest Winners”

  1. Anonymous says:


    I’M ON THE LIST!!!!!! =^D

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we get a hint as to which game the winners’ photos will be in? We couldn’t find them in TOT.

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