Happy Birthday Nancy!

Today we’re celebrating Nancy’s 80th birthday.  Which is completely awesome!  I mean, how cool is it that our favorite sleuth is turning the big 8-O?  She’s still the top of her class, almost a century later.  That’s simply amazing. 

Now we haven’t thrown a lavish party or anything (cause we’re busy with all the TOT hooplah) but you can bet that the atmosphere has been super peachy.  Not to mention the tasty confections that made their way into the kitchen… no real mystery as to where they disappeared to.  😛 

In fact one of our HI staff donated a special gift for the office, a Nancy Drew standee!  It commemorates the 80th celebration and looks totally sweet.  Check it out:

– Nancy is on the case! –

So get out there and celebrate Nancy’s birthday.  Maybe solve a mystery or two but above all, have a fantastic day!

– Novel –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    NO WAY!! April 28th is my birthday too! So cool! : )

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