Reporting In

Mondays are when the bees return to the hive.  The weekend spent in exploration and discovery.  We’re ready to return and make the honey.  Fresh and sweet for everyone to enjoy.

I’ve been thinking about voice lately.  Written voice that is.  I post about the things I do and see, but I thought it might be fun to hear (briefly) from a few of the other employees.  As everyone is pretty busy, I was thinking of grabbing a small snapshot, like a quote or two, for some of our more energetic workers and sharing them with you.  I haven’t exactly decided how this is going to work out, but I think it might be nice to give you all a bit more perspective of the HI work-style.  Now I’ve just got to get out there with my notepad and press badge.  Who knows what I’ll dig up!

While it looks very much like you’ve solved the weekend puzzle… I must unfortunately report that this is not actually the case.  o.O  It does mean that you’re resting on the cusp of truth.  I’m certain that you can discover the answer without guidance.  Fantastic job so far, only inches to go!

– Novel –

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