Down and Up

And so the real work begins.  TOT spoilers have been effectively culled until April One, so I’ll have to entice you with other offerings… perhaps the promise of a newsletter and a brand new contest will be enough to grab your attention.  With any luck you’ll be seeing them both by day’s end tomorrow! 

Check out the steps to solving puzzle 45 below:

— Puzzle 45 Solution–


The “house” was falsely reported to be “ablaze.”

This one actually has very few steps.  All you need to do is [decrypt the letters with a Vigenere cipher] using “house” [as the passphrase].  Doing so will give you the answer :
[Sonny Joon Rulz]

*As an aside the clue [falsely…”ablaze”] is a reference to [Blaise Vigenere being falsely attributed as the creator of the Vigenere cipher. ]  The play is that [ the cipher is “a Blaise” (sounds like “ablaze”) ]

I think we’re all familiar with that message.  But what bearing does it have on the future of Nancy Drew…?  I’ll leave that for you to ponder on.  We’ll have some awesome news tomorrow, so be sure to check back in!



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