Tuesday Doesn’t Count

If you missed it, yesterday was President’s Day (holiday!) So I hope you had a nice extended weekend as well!

Today has been filled with more planning. We’ve been creating schedules to help us stay on track with our daily updates. We had the tricky job of deciding all the content we’ll need to make for March! It’s pretty daunting to look at all the assets we’ll need to make, but I suppose when you think about how it is just a little bit each day… it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Production is tasked with its own complications… of course I refer to the wild and beautiful stallion that is TOT Beta. She’s certainly skittish, fleeting at every breath, but I have faith in our staff. They’ll wrangle her up by the end of the week, I can feel it.

Of course with TOT this close to beta you can start to expect some information to be leaked (by yours truly, if not some other credible “insider.”) In due time, I say.

Puzzle 41 was defeated very quickly! I’ll post the solving steps tomorrow. But more importantly, 40 remains unbeaten. So I’ve been given yet another hint to help you along. Check it out.

– Puzzle 40 Hint –

Step 3: (1 and 4)
Step 4: (2 and 3)
Step 5: 8 by 6

There are no letter substitutions.

Okay, I guess that about wraps up this fine Tuesday. See you on the midweek.

– Novel –

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