Friday Puzzle 41

Puzzle 40 remains unsolved at the moment, but we had to go ahead and post the next trick. The answer to this one will give you a special holiday treat, check it out.

– Puzzle 41 –**1**3**0*_****.***

To solve the *’s use this information:


Julius was okay, but the 3rd Caesar was ‘rotten’

Good luck and have a great Valentine’s Day!

– Novel –

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9 responses to “Friday Puzzle 41”

  1. Maziney says:

    Ah that was cute 😀 & I enjoyed that puzzle. Good job!

  2. Firewing3333 says:

    Relating to the twitter picture of your designer making pancakes (sorry, don’t have a twitter)…you have Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson from the 70’s series on your cabinet!!! 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    what does the qqfnuvqygdbmsj have to do with it??

  4. Rachel says:

    Got it! Thanks for the ‘exercise’. 😀

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a tricky puzzle. Maybe it has something to do with one of the Nancy Drew games.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know this isnt the right place for posting this but I dont know where else !Please Help! I am dying to post on the message boards but I dont know how! I have an account but I cant figure it out! Please Help Novel! Please!

  7. kitty kat says:

    the 3rd ceasar was a battleship launched in 1896 and sold in 1921

  8. StoryTeller says:

    how on earth am i supposed to divide 14 letters into ceasar’s box?! :))

  9. Anonymous says:

    i cant figure it out! 🙁

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