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Welcome back to the week. We had a thought-filled weekend, some in office, some in home. I noticed some great discussions on the Message boards. I love the lively chatter. Also there’s been a great deal of entries for the Cover redesign contest along with many, many questions. I’ll keep answering the questions if you all keep up the good work, so far they’re awesome!

I started today running down lists of probable ND23 titles. The big question I always face is, ‘do we throw caution to the wind and leap at a new formula, or do we stick with the same ol’ thing?’ If you look at the line of titles in the past, The Creature of Kapu Cave, The Phantom of Venice, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, you can see a similar kind of skeleton in their design. While I’m all for new and innovating, the tried and true method isn’t always a bad thing. In fact one of my favorite titles is Ransom of the Seven Ships. And to think I always thought titling would be an easy job.

As a news bump, I just wanted to let everyone know we’ll be releasing a newsletter this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

The puzzlers seem to be doing well. I’m going to give you all another day to mull things over before posting a hint on puzzle 37. But I will post the spoiler to 36, check it out below.

-Puzzle 36 Solution –

the Earthward Rife Ethos knew Faraway Sometime Lint Tot before Goaded Wheel Unlit.

This puzzle is solved using [ anagrams ] They are broken into [ 3 parts. ] The lower case words are indicators that [ they are already correct, and that an anagram appears between them ]

First: [ Earthward Rife Ethos = hardware store thief ]
Second: [ Faraway Sometime Lint Tot = it was only a matter of time ]
Third: [ Goaded Wheel Unlit = he would get nailed ]

Put them all together and you get:
[ The hardware store thief knew it was only a matter of time before he would get nailed. ]

There’s something entrancing in short mini-mysteries, particularly with puns. Congrats to those who stuck with it. Good luck on 37!

– Novel –

P.S. Thanks for bearing with, on all the Contest questions. I’m thinking perhaps I should do a secondary FAQ blog post. 😛

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