Solving A Monday

Monday rides again. We’re back in the working world, heading steadily towards a future full of sleuthing possibilities, in games and stories alike. I hope everyone is getting on well. This week is brimming with potential, and we’ll just have to see what I can unleash. ^.^

I’ll start off light by congratulating the puzzle-players. It looks like you all solved the weekend puzzle in record time! Here’s a quick explanation:

– Puzzle 38 Answer –

10: 010100 001111 010100
1000: 24 17 24
10000: 14 0F 14

We’ve given you three options to determining the solution (this way you could check your answer.)

For the first one, “10” you need to use [ binary – to determine what the numbers equal. ] You can convert the numbers shown to [ 20, 15, 20 ] which can be translated to [ TOT ]

For the second possibility, “1000” you must use [ octal notation to convert the numbers. ] You’ll end up with the same three, [ 20, 15, 20 or TOT ]

The last selection, “10000” uses [ hexadecimal. ] Translate the characters once again into [ 20, 15, 20 ] and you’ll have solved all three.

[ TOT ] can also be expressed as [ Trail of the Twister ]

Kudos to everyone! I’m out. ^.~

– Novel –

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  1. Serena says:

    Dear Novel,
    I was wondering if sometime HER would make an ND game set in Australia?

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