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If you came to visit right now, you might think all we do is have meetings. And you’d be mostly right. Somewhere in this great machine we have amazing people designing characters that actually live and breathe in Nancy’s world, or developing new puzzles for a Nancy-caliber intellect (AKA “you.”) For a few of us, this means we get to observe on the fringes and compliment their work by shouting out requests.

Marketing can have a tremendous impact on design from the sidelines, nudging the “brain-trust” with a slight wave and a loud voice. How? Well, one tried and true method we love is, to ask what you like and figure out how to make it a reality! We have many discussions on how to improve content and gameplay, and much of it spurs from commentary and critiques that you give us. This week has been deeply steeped in this kind of activity.

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2 responses to “Meeting Us”

  1. wodedrawling says:

    Just finished ND:SCK for the first time and man have you guys come far! I’m SO glad switching discs every two minutes isn’t a necessity for the newer games!

    Out of all the ND games I’ve played so far my favorite was Phantom of Venice–I like the undercover, high tech aspect, all the places you can visit, and things you can buy and interact with.

    One question, though: Why is it that whenever Nancy goes into the bathroom, she says such weird stuff? You know, like “Don’t take any wooden quarters!”

    Anyways, thanks for allowing your fans’ feedback!

  2. Kate says:

    I really enjoyed Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in a Royal Tower. They both seemed to have a lot of history in them, and that just made it creepier.

    I really liked the flappers/1920s aura in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, as well.

    …and the Native American aspect of Secret of the Shadow Ranch, and the Mayan puzzles in Secret of the Scarlet Hand…

    Basically, I really enjoy the history that goes into some of the games; the more it’s present, the more valid the game seems.

    I prefer ND games that allow me to experience different cultures or historical periods.

    -Kate 🙂

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