Being Resolute

So today is the last day in the office this year! I’m excited to see what happens in the coming decade. I’m sure there will be cases to solve and news to uncover, but we’ll get to that eventually. Here’s the final bit of information for 2009.

— Extra Holiday Puzzle Solution —

The whole puzzle is solved using [ homophones and homographs ]
you need to [ replace the quoted words with a different, relevant word ]

looks like “crying” + sounds like “metal rock”

– this first one uses the ‘looks like’ to cue us that it is a [ homograph/heterophone (same spelling, different pronounciation) ]
Here we can replace [ “crying” with tear” ] but we know from above that we need to [ change the pronunciation, in this case to ‘târ’ (vs. ‘tîr’)]
next you replace [ metal rock with ore ] the clue tells us to [ ignore the spelling and focus on the pronunciation (homophone/heterograph)]
If we combine the two sounds you get [ terror (tear + ore) ]

sounds like “oldye tyme hotel”

– following the steps above we can discern that this is [ inn ] and from it we take only [ pronunciation ] giving us the second word [ in ]

sounds like “you from long ago”

– if we replace the quoted word with [ thee ] we’ll easily be able to hear what we’re supposed to get, [ the ]

looks and sounds like “a man tagged” + looks and sounds like “a-ventral”

– both of these final words should [ be spelled and pronounced ] as their replaced counterparts. ‘A man tagged’ is often [ out (as in baseball) ] and though ‘a-ventral’ isn’t a real word, we can deduce its meaning as “not ventral” or [ dorsal, which may sometimes be referred to as the “back” ] Combine the two sounds and you get the final word [ outback ]

string it all together aaaaaaand….
[ Terror in the Outback ]

Don’t get too excited, as I’ll freely admit to trolling the forums for this one. Though I’ll neither confirm nor deny any inside info I have on its existence or otherwise. 😛

I hope you’ve had some good fun this past year. I’d be delighted to entertain you in the coming future-times. Please stop back on by in this next decade, we’d love to see you again. ^.~

– Novel (out) –

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