No Foul Intended

It’s midweek, but the office will be shutting down today for Thanksgiving. We’ve released a most excellent special for one of your favorite games, Secret of Shadow Ranch. Be sure and check out the homepage for more details. Plus this is just the start of a bunch of holiday specials…

More importantly though is… food! Yup, that’s right, we had our own little celebration here this morning. Nope, no turkey just yet. For us it was another round of delicious pancakes. (what can I say, we’re breakfast lovers) What kind of things are you all planning to make for Thanksgiving? just plain turkey? or are you going wild with Turducken? or maybe even Tofurkey? Whatever you have, I hope it’s a happy and merry one!

Oh and a little aside; crafty and cunning designer Ben pointed out a lovely flaw in his Monday hint… “I think I meant to say ‘three words make four’…” oops. Quality control is killer… but he’s promised to make it up with an extra tough puzzle next week. Enjoy the time off and we’ll see ya Monday.

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