Egging You On

We’ve now worked through most of Friday, and with the weekend here it’s time for some good ‘ole relaxation. Next week will be full of preparation for up-coming holiday deals, the craziness of strategy guide writing, and lessons in localization. It’ll be nice and busy, but for now, I think we’re due some quiet time!

— Puzzle 32 Hint —

To keep you going, I want to say that many of your thoughts are on the right track (particularly one concerning Wednesday’s hint) but just in case, here’s a few pointers for each comparison to help out:

Mg + Be = you might want to wait before taking a stab at this one

Robinson Cano + millesimal fineness standard = it’s about who he is now, and that’s fine with us

Second Baseman + Saturn (rounded down) = this one is about being in position even after running all the way around

XL – 111 = there’s two sides to every #; some are static, and some are roaming


Hasta luego!

– Novel (“quoted”) –

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