Weekend Puzzle #29

It’s Friday!!!

We’ve got a pretty awesome puzzle for you today, in fact this one is a “two-fer.” You can combine the answer from this puzzle with Puzzle 30 for a pretty cool effect! Of course that means you’ll need to solve this week’s first, but I’ve got no doubt that you’re up for the task. This particular puzzle is one of the first of many to be built by fledgling Designer Ben. I wish him the best of luck attempting to stump you sleuths, he’s gonna need it 😛 Enough ranting, let’s get to it!

— Puzzle 29 —

The tHird one Leaps Five to the right,
thE lAst oNe juMps back threE in fright.
The first one Moves forward a Nudge,
but the secOnd Refuses to bUdge.

Good luck to everyone. Come on back next week for all the launch festivities and the finale to our Twitter story! ^.^

– Novel –

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2 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #29”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what happened to Mari’s puzzles? I miss them so much and they were so hard but sooo fun anyway

  2. @ anon – the gracious and talented designer Mari has been just a touch too busy to continue on with the weekly puzzles. We’ve got a few other designers on hand however to help bring you some cranial strain. 🙂


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