To Imagine Thursday

Today we’re getting near the end of our little adventures. Our two special campaigns are closing tomorrow, so be sure to stay till the end. Watching Waverly has been a lot of fun, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. And let us not forget the film shorts, To Catch a Cat, a big thanks to the marketing team for all the cool content they’ve been able to provide for WAC!

Oh, and just to send this down the grape vine, we’ll be releasing a newsletter pretty soon here. It’ll be highlighting the WAC launch, so be sure to check it out.

And we’ve got a new hint for this week’s puzzle. It looks like you’ve lost a bit of steam, so let’s see if we can’t get you moving again.

— Hint for Puzzle #29 —

Each line provides a clue for another.

That’s a pretty fantastic hint. I guess we’ll see how it goes, good luck!

– Novel –

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