The MidWeek Crew

I triumphantly return to my blogging post today. And so, I must sincerely thank my loving co-worker for filling in whilst I was making a recovery.

We’ve got a TV crew in here today! Our president, Megan, is being interviewed by a local news station. There’s been a lot of buzz these days about girls and video games, as well as women in the industry. And as I know you’re all aware we’ve got quite the line on both of those topics. I haven’t exactly been briefed on all the lowdown (station info, broadcast time, etc.) but I’m sure the marketing crew will be all a twitter (as always, those hip-cats) plus we’ll be sure to post the video online as soon as we’ve got it. Tres exciting!

And for your Wednesday enjoyment.

I managed to snap this shot in our supply closet. You know, where we keep the back-up batteries, rubber bands, and… Jolly Ranchers…? I think we might have a slight obsession with candy.

You all didn’t even miss a beat with the puzzle last weekend (I’ll be posting the solution, with a little extra, tomorrow.) It was solved amazingly fast. Continuing our designer rotation, we’ve got a puzzle from Rob this Friday, and he’s even offered to make it Halloween-themed!

Till then!

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  1. It’s good that you keep a jar of jolly ranchers in there haha. They really do help with work. At least for me.

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