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The week has begun. (and so has the fun) 😛

I hope you’ve all been enjoying WAC so far. The big Fall release is always a pretty stressful time for us, but afterwords the office tends to relax a bit. ‘Course then the holidays are just around the bend…

Oh, before I forget, the next newsletter is coming out this week. It has a whole lot of info on WAC content (that all you blog readers have the scoop on) but be sure to keep an eye out!

I’ve seen that someone figured out the answer to puzzle #29, so I’m going to show you how it’s solved.

— Puzzle #29 Answer —

The tHird one Leaps Five to the right,
thE lAst oNe juMps back threE in fright.
The first one Moves forward a Nudge,
but the secOnd Refuses to bUdge.

To solve this you’ll need to [ assign the directions from one line to the capital letters in another ] for instance: The 1st line [is governed by the statement made in the 3rd] so we take [ T, H, L, and F ] and based on the words in [line 3, move them all up the alphabet by one ] This gives us [ U, I, M, G ]

Now if we replicate those steps for each line and it’s clue we get
[ U, I, M, G, E, A, N, M, E, Y, R, S, L, O, R ]

If you take these letters an unscramble them, you get:
[ You are Mr Mingles ]

Not bad, not bad. Don’t forget that at the end of this week, we’ll have another puzzle that relates to #29’s answer.

See ya tomorrow!

– Novel –

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  1. Lizzie says:

    um…..what in the world??? i am not a fluffy little dog. 🙂

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