Novel has been out sick – we’re hoping for a speedy recovery! In the meantime, I’m stepping in to cover for him until until he gets better. I normally blog on the Dare to Play blog, so I’m not new to this, but we each definitely have our own styles and topics.

Dare to Play covers topics in gaming, girls, and product specific concerns while Amateur Sleuth gives our fans a perspective on life at Her Interactive plus the popular weekend puzzle. We work closely with each other so we don’t write about the same topic on the same day, unless we have something exciting that we want everyone to know about. That’s what we call a blitz! You might have also noticed that Dare to Play only posts once a week while Amateur Sleuth posts daily – we wanted to give our fans variety in the amount of information they receive. For instance, if you don’t visit Her Interactive often, Dare to Play is the blog to go to catch up on the most recent developments and issues in the game industry. Amateur Sleuth is geared for fans who come to our site every day and want to see new and fresh content.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and perspectives about each blog, so leave a comment! How do you view the two blogs and do you like the fact that we have two separate blogs?

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  1. Pride & Joy says:

    I left HeR for awhile then I came back and saw the AS blog! I was really shocked and for awhile I thought that you guys got rid of the Dare to play blog, but then I started reading this (up to when it started) and I was really impressed….I’ve got to say that I like this blog(AS), because I tend to forget about the other seeing that it’s not on as often, but their both loads of fun to read and I love both 🙂

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