Puzzle 31 and Halloween!

Halloween’s tomorrow, I hope you’re all prepared! Participation in the office has been somewhat… limited, though I’ve been assured that many will be dressing up and going out tomorrow.

Don’t forget to get some puzzle play in too. Here’s this week’s mind-melter:

— Puzzle 31 —

Spider: (h1,H3)(A4,b4)(d9,e7)(a5,b5)(A8,A9)(h5,i4)(h7,h8)(c6,d6)(E4,f6)(h4,h5)(C1,C2)(h9,I9)

Pumpkin: [D2,f2][a1,a2][c8,c9][d3,f3][h1,h2][a1,B1][a9,b9][c6,c7][g5,i4][H8,h9][d6,f6][G1,h1]

Candy: {a1,a2}{g9,H9}{h1,h2}{d5,f6}{A2,b2}{b7,c7}{g3,h3}{g8,g9}{d9,E9}{E2,f1}{f3,f4}{a8,a9}

Ghost: |i4,i5||d9,e7||e3,f1||H4,i4||a6,b5||b4,b5||i7,i9||b3,c3||c1,C2||c6,D6||A7,b7|

Good luck! And for those of you who intend to hit the streets have fun, but remember to be safe too! Enjoy the great holiday!


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