On Puzzles and “Watching Waverly”

Hello again!

Today we started the twitter opera, “Watching Waverly.” You can follow 5 of the students in our upcoming game, Warnings at Waverly Academy, as they gossip about their daily lives at school. It’s a great way to learn about the characters and setting of the next game. Plus, you’ll learn about some of the events taking place just before Nancy arrives! Be sure to check it out. You can see the updates on the left of the blog, or if you’ve got a twitter account, you can follow the girls themselves! We’ll be running it right up until the launch of WAC.

Well, it looks like you guys crushed this weekend puzzle. I’ll be sending the designers back to the drawing board. 😛 Let’s check and see how this one was done.

— Puzzle #28 —

To solve this puzzle you need to read the information and use it to determine who has what items.

Part 1

Nancy, Bess and George were each enjoying a favorite past time. And they were all in the same room. The cousins both had headphones on but one had her blue eyes closed.

Who had a:
• Book? – [ Nancy – as it doesn’t allow for headphones ]
• Mp3 player? – [ Bess – she wouldn’t need her eyes open to use this ]
• Computer? – [ George – computers use headphones and often are used with eyes open ]

Part 2:

Nancy, Bess and George are working on a mystery and staying in a hotel. Room 34 is on the third floor. George likes heights, so she swapped rooms with Bess. Nancy found out her window was blocked by shrubs!

Who was staying in room:
• 17 – [ Nancy – shrubs would be on the first floor and since 34 for is the third floor, we can assume 17 is the first ]
• 26 – [ Bess – given that Nancy is in 17 and George is in 34, this is the only other room. ]
• 34 – [ George – we know she took the highest floor, and since the first digit indicates the floor, she must be in highest number given ]

Part 3:

Pay attention to Nancy’s answers. Together they’ll give you a final hint.

The clues can be read as such: [ Book and 17, which we can say is “Book #17” or Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk ]

Way to go super sleuths. You can bet we’ll have a new one ready by Friday! Don’t forget to check out the twitters and I’ll be seeing ya soon!

– Novel (inc.) –

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3 responses to “On Puzzles and “Watching Waverly””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Watching Waverly is sooo cool! It was an awesome idea!!!

    Also, I just heard what ND22 is about and I was wondering when you guys were going to start releasing info on it. It sounds really interesting!


  2. @ anon – it might be a bit before we start hyping ND22, like say next year. 🙁 Although we’re quite glad to hear of your fervor for the series!


  3. LadyDog56 says:

    I had fun playing Waverly. I remember reading a book like this. Is it the same title?

    And I can’t wait for 22 to come out. It sure is going to be exciting to see tornadoes/twisters.

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