Watching Wednesday

Oh, the mid-week,

Here we are smack in the middle of another tumultuous week. We’re steadily working towards the release of WAC; prepping newsletters, building trailers, and re-working websites. Many of these you’ll see soon enough, but some might be a little ways away.

Currently I’m ensuring that the RED launch continues to go smoothly. Pretty soon it will be available for download on even more websites and I’ve got to facilitate that process by preparing a whole bunch of art and documents for the companies to use. It’s a pretty lengthy task, but definitely necessary. We need to ensure that we’re using the same language and thoughts on every site so our products don’t create confusion if you see them in different places. (Marketing can get tricky when you get down into it.)

I know Wednesday is a typical picture day, so I’ve got a few shots I took while I was at PAX. I’ve asked for some employee submissions as well, and I’ll post them if anyone replies. Until then, here’s a few to keep you piqued.

— This one is a cute advertisement for a new DS game. (I liked the look)

— And this is from a panel on User Interfaces and Aesthetics

— And here is one of the main open areas, late at night though, so not much traffic.

— Oh, this is a giant chalk mural an artist was creating during the whole conference!

Mari’s sending me a hint for puzzle 25, I know we’ve been lagging behind, but I’m hoping to catch back up. I’ll post it when I get it. 😛 Cheers~

– Novel (1) –

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  1. Firewing3333 says:

    I love the…what do you call it..tagline? for that DS game: “Write anything. Solve everything.” You know, the greenery in the open area picture reminds a lot of the Hilihili Resarch Facility from CRE. 😛 And that mural of Bioshock is absolutely amazing!! Props to the artist and thanks for taking pictures, Novel!

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