The Ease In and Quick Desolve (26)

It’s Monday here in Washington and Fall’s setting in.

There’s a slow start to this week, but I imagine we’ll be seeing some awesome things as we get further into it.

I’m completely amazed that the weekend puzzle was solved so quickly! (Mari was too) I suppose at this point you all are becoming old pros. I guess we’ll just have to try something trickier. I guess it’s time to pull back the veil, eh?

This puzzle uses [ semaphore ] to hide letters in each figure. So by looking at a list of [ semaphore ], we can get these letters:
[ A, S, S, N, N, N, O, O, P, P, I, I, T, H, E, E, E, L, G, C, R ]

If you unscramble them to fit in the blanks below the picture, you get
[ Snoop in the Sleeping Car ]

Certainly a reference to the new Hardy Boys game, Treasure on the Tracks. Way to go puzzlers! Catch ya on the ‘morrow.

-Novel (I or II)-

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